Monday, October 31, 2011

Think Pink 2011 ~ Thursday ~

Thursday had everyone dancing to the Wonderful Music at The Sweet Escape for Rays of Hope's 3rd Annual Think Pink Week!  I've been taking a bunch of pictures at all the events , I think I'll save most for a final wrap up post to show off just what people did to Get In The Pink for Breast Cancer!

We started off Thursday night at 3pm with Lance Windlow!  He didn't just sing for us but he gave out some really good facts on Breast Cancer including, "23% of All Cancers , is Breast Cancer!"  Encouraging everyone to donate as much as they could and reminded that no linden amount is too small in the fight against cancer.  Loved the SL/lindens take on the Chuck Berry classic, "My Ding-A-Ling."  Cancer hits everyone and Lance sang "Tears In Heaven" to honor and remember 2 very social people to him.
Thank You Lance xo

Lance spread the message and sang for Breast Cancer Awareness

4pm we had DJ Walker Cobalt spinning the tunes for everyone!  He had a great mix working from country to rock with a splash of Elton John too.  Taking the opportunity to make sure we were having fun as he encouraged everyone to TP friends in and get them to join the fight.  Walker also tossed in some Great Halloween Tunes of "Honky Talk Halloween" and then "Haunted House," by Jumpin Gene Simmons and for Extra Fun ........ The Chicken Dance :)
Thank You Walker For Getting Your Pink On & Spinnin The Tunes ! 
DJ Walker dancing & playing the tunes in his pink shirt

To finish off Thursday Night for Think Pink Week we had the Lovely Melodee McDonnell at 5pm!  Take a look at how Fantastic she was in her Pink gown!  Getting past some minor technical difficulties (thank you SL) Melodee stated that not only was this a wonderful cause to promote Breast Cancer Awareness ..... it was also, "a good reason to wear Pink!"  Starting us off with, "You Had Me From Hello" and weaving her way through songs from Steven Chapman Curtis and Rodgers & Hammerstein, Melodee's voice was smooth as silk!  Hearing stories from the crowd on how cancer had affect them, she sang a special dedication to MrShyGuy for his mom who lost her battle in April,  "Somebody's Prayin For Me."
Thank You Melodee for a very special hour!
Melodee looks lovely in her pink gown !

Please be sure to check out Lance Windlow, DJ Walker Cobalt and Melodee McDonnell on the SL Events Calendar.  They are Amazing !!

We all have stories of how cancer has hit us and those we love, not just breast cancer ..... ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, throat cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, childhood cancer and many more types.  Rays of Hope fights to spread awareness and raise funds for them all in Honor and Memory of All.  Please feel free to share your story here on my blog and/or Join the Rays of Hope and Fight Back Against Cancer with us.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wednesday Night At Think Pink Week WOW

Before I ReCap Wednesday Nights Fantastic Performers I Find I Want To Say This~

Cancer Never Stops .... It's Not Just A Saying .... It's a FACT !  Cancer Comes In All Shapes And Sizes, It Doesn't Care Your Age, Race, Sex, Religion, Financial ....... Cancer Just Hits You!  It Doesn't Just Hit The Person With Cancer, It Hits The Families & Friends As Well.

Rays Of Hope Are Bound To Help the Fight Against Cancer!  Each Member Of The Team Has Been Hit In Some Way By This Disease, We Have Survivors & Caregivers, We Have Family Members & Friends, We Have All Watched It Take It's Toll On Spirit And Body......... We Will NEVER Stop Spreading The Word & Working For A CURE For ALL Cancer!

Our 3rd Annual Think Pink Week Is Part Of That Fight, We Are Helping To Raise Funds & Awareness For Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.  We Celebrate & Remember Always And This Year We Are Lucky To Have The Tremendous Support From Amazing Performers!  I Hope You Are Able To Join Us Sometime During The Rest Of The Week To Thank Them For Singing, Spinnin Tunes And Playing Their Instruments For The "Boobies"

Wednesday Night Was ....... WOW

Bones Writer started us off at 3pm with such an AMAZING smooth sound of all his original songs on the keyboard and guitar.  I'm in awe when I hear him play and like right now, it's hard to find the right words to describe his music because it's just Fantabulous!  He plays all the instruments, mixes everything in his own studio and creates his music.  Bones says that he just put a little something together and WOW!  Thank You Bones for performing for us !

Bones Writer Playin Guitar While Dancin On His Piano For  Think Pink Week 2011

KarebearLovin took the stage at The Sweet Escape at 4pm and not only sang on the mic but encouraged everyone to donate to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.  Kare has a sweet sound to her voice and started us off with Madonna's, "This Used To Be My Playground," she has us slow dancing to her sweet soft voice and then ....... WOW !!  Kare tossed in "I Don't Want To Change The World" from Ozzy and rocked the rest of the show!!  Thank You Very Much xo

KarebearLovin performs at 3rd Annual Think Pink Week.

Really A Night Filled With WOW ..... Thank You To Everyone That Came Tonight & For All Your Donations In This Fight Against Cancer!  Be Sure To Catch Bones Writer & KarebearLovin's Shows In SL !!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Night 2 For Think Pink Week Was A Blast!

The Rays of Hope are Hosting Their 3rd Annual Think Pink Week For Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Through Monday, October 31st!  Last Night Was Just AWESOME !!  Thought I'd post some more photos to show you some of what's going on here !

We had a cancellation with our DJ ..... but we were able to pull DJ Doug Xstar in to help us from 3-5pm!

Doug played a fantastic mix from Fleetwood Mac to Brian Adams, with Def Leppard, Boston, Foreigner and much more in-between!  He even played special song request for Sunnie, "I Hear Voices" by Rev Theory :)
Thank You Doug For The FAB Tunes!!!

GREAT Crowd, dancing, singing along & Donating for the Cause! No Linden Amount Is Too Small

It was really wonderful to see everyone shown off their PINK for Breast Cancer !

Shy all set out in his Real Men Wear Pink!
MrShyGuy Schmooz who started Think Pink Week with us 3years ago, is back in SL !!  He'll be DJ'in for us spinning the Oldies Tunes for our Halloween "Spooky Sock Hop!'  He's Also Rays Of Hope's New Team Greeter ~ be on the lookout!  Always supporting the TEAM and Cancer Awareness he's all decked out in his Real Men Wear Pink Shirt!

Rays of Hope teammate, Kay Funizza is always at events to help the Team & Support Cancer Awareness!  With Fantastic Fashion Sense, Kay had gone Purple During the Relay and here she is all setup In PINK!  Lovin the different outfits & hair!
Sweet Huggs Darlin xo
Kay's looing lovely in all her pink fashion!

Premium Composer Took Over The Stream at 5pm!  She had the beat going, everyone dancing, singing along and she was Rockin the Stage in her Pink Outfit too complete with a Pink Ribbon Poofer!!  Singing Tunes from Juice Newton to Lynrd Skynyrd with a little Proud Mary and Wild Thing mixed in TOTALLY AMAZING!!  Thank You Premium!

Premium Composer singing her heart out for Breast Cancer Awareness

BIG Thank You to everyone who has been at Think Pink Week so far and All the Donations!! Spread The Word...... we're Thinkin Pinkin for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Through Halloween!!

Keep an eye out on the SL calendar and be sure to catch DJ Doug Xstar and Premium Composer! Thank You Both For Sharing Your Talent With Us And Showing Your Support!!

Wednesday's Lineup is ...... 3pm Bones Writer ~ 4pm Karebearlovin ~ 5pm Lou Mannock!  Don't Wait Any Longer & Join Rays of Hope At Think Pink Week For Breast Cancer at The Sweet Escape!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kickin Off Think Pink Week Recap !

As promised I'm gonna do my best to keep up my blog and give you the "play by play" of Think Pink Week 2011 for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!

Kick Off was last night ~ Monday, October 24th!  Second Life of course had to rear it's ugly head and give us some major LAGGGGG  to deal with but it's been like that all over the grid.

Prior to the event Broody and I were setting up gestures (check out new store BS Gestures) and he made a fantastic event board.  Couldn't do this without my Partner In ..... Hope , Love, Music, "Crime" and All other things xoxo.  We've been planning this for weeks and it's always most trying when it's day of event!  Here's a peek at the board ....... also gives you a heads up on the week!!

We had 20 people at our Kick Off and yeah SL not allowing TP or trouble moving didn't stop us from having fun and pushing the kiosks for Making Strides up high!

Bill Tigerpaw took the stage and did an AWESOME job!  He had everyone Rockin n Rollin singing some really great tunes and getting us all to giggle too.  He also sang some very special songs that touch the heart , like "Remember When" and "Who You'd Be Today" for a very special person.  Thank You Bill 

NormReynolds Genesis took over the airways next and my goodness that man can Rock Ya Socks Off!  He poured his heart out singing for us and was just fantastic!  When his AV crashed he didn't miss a beat, just kept singing and making sure we had a really FAB time!  Thank You Norm!!

RL came in as it often does and we had to end the night early but not without raising a lot of lindens for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!  Was really wonderful to see everyone come out no matter what SL trys to throw at us and a lovely 'sea' of PINK !!

Please Be Sure To Catch Bill Tigerpaw, NormReynolds Genesis & Bo Hoyes On The Grid .... These Fellas Know How To Rock It!

Think Pink Week Continues Tonight ..... 3-6pm at The Sweet Escape!

Here we are plotting last minute details for Think Pink Week 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Think Pink Week !!

Hi Y'all

I know I said I was back , but I never was good at keep a journal/diary so why should a blog be any different LMAO.  This time though, I'm serious just have to gather my thoughts.  I'll post all about the Relay for Life and Rays of Hope's first year as a team later because right now .......

It's Time For Our 3rd Annual Think Pink Week For Breast Cancer!

Seems like just yesterday I was bugging MrShyGuy Schmooz to turn Stampede Canyon Pink, and not because it's my favorite color lol ..... rather because it was October And Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

My my my my how we've grown over 3 years and we've got one hell of a week of performers for everyone to come and enjoy and show support for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!

The venue has changed, Broody Flow has built a lovely outdoor club area at our home ~ The Sweet Escape and has worked his cute butt off to help book the fantastic singers, musicians and DJ's!!

26 Performers in all to entertain you and get you dancing and moving, inviting your friends in AND All Donations Go To The American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!!

Monday, October 24th Kicks Our Week Off  :
3-4pm Bill Tigerpaw ~ 4-5pm NormReynolds Genesis ~ 5-6pm Bo Hoyes

Tuesday, October 25th :
3-5pm DJ Delightful Juneberry AND 5-6pm Premium Composer

Wednesday, October 26th :
3-5pm Bones Writer ~ 4-5pm Karebearlovin ~ 5-6pm Lou Mannock

Thursday,, October 27th :
3-4pm Lance Windlow ~ 4-5pm DJ Walker Cobalt ~ 5-6pm Melodee McDonnell

Friday, October 28th :
3-4pm Torben Asp ~ Eli Megadon ~ Dhalif Rhapsody ~ 6-7pm Wytchwhisper Sadofsky

Saturday, October 29th :
11am-12pm DJ USmale BigBear ~ 12-1pm Josie Anderton ~ 1-2pm Chapman Zane ~ 2-3pm Pmann Sands

Sunday, October 30th :
11am-12pm Jana Kyomoon ~ 12-1pm Suzetta Moonites ~ 1-2pm Mica Breen ~ 2-3pm Mila Avedon ~ 3-4pm Anightwing Akina

Special Halloween Events ~ Monday, October 31st :
3-5pm DJ Suzetta Moonites With "Wicked In Pink"
5-7pm DJ MrShyGuy Schmooz Makes A Special Return With "Spooky Sock Hop"
7-9pm DJ Gai Thor Closes Out Think Pink Week With "HOWL - o - ween"

We have music of all styles from oldies to new age with rock, pop, country, jazz and everything in between!  Live singers with backtracks, singers performing their originals, musicians rocking their acoustic and electric guitars, keyboardists giving you a new sound to hear and DJ's spinning their favorite tunes!

Music for everyone and All for The Fight Against Breast Cancer!

It's October and Time To Get Your Pink On!!  I've got mine on, Save The TaTas, Save Second Base, Think Pink....... I've been spreading the word to everyone I know.   Help me and tell all your friends and join me, broody, these fantastic performers and the Rays of Hope this week at The Sweet Escape!

I'll be posting about the week as it goes along with some pictures!

Hope To See You ;)

Thinkin Pinkin