Monday, September 20, 2010

Beautiful Light Show!

One Sunday afternoon a month the Phantom Rose Opera House has an Amazing Light Show!  Always to a different music theme: the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Josh Grobin, Mozart etc.  This past Sunday, the 19th of September it was to the 3 Tenors.  Next month's show will be to a Fantastic Halloween Theme!!

Lannorra Sion is the owner of the opera house and works tirelessly to put on these light shows!  The platform is setup right in the middle of the show, which adds additional fun to the event. 

Phantom Rose hosts a variety of events, from ballet, opera, jazz on the lawn, viennese ball, symphony performances and more.  The sim has so many areas to be explored from Below the Opera House to the Pirate Ship with an Ice Rink In Between.

You also can have your Second Life Wedding here at a variety of venues, including a wonderful Cathedral or a Gothic Graveyard!

This is one of my favorite places in Second Life, for music and the arts!  Be sure to drop in and explore the Phantom Rose Sim and if you see Lannorra or Drax to tell them I said Hi !

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Remove Your Hair To Show You Care Weekend!

In suppport of September being Childhood Awareness Month and The Hair Fair 2010 which is benefitting Wigs For Kids ..... Stampede Canyon Country Club encouraged everyone to Remove Their Hair  & Get Their Bandana's On!

It was Fantastic to see everyon come to SCC's Garden in their diffreent bandana's that they purchased at the Hair Fair for a Great night of Music, Dancing, Friends & Fun!  We started with Live Singing by Suzetta Moonites (me) 3-4pm then held a Best In Bandana Event with the return of DJ MrShyGuy Schmooz 4-6pm.

A Fabulous Live Performance by Jewels Kidd 6-7pm, she has a wonderful  voice and as pointed out by several, "one of the top 10 giggles!"  Our final event was Pirates & Wenches 7-9pm with DJ Sean Qendra.

A Huge Thank You To Everyone That Came Out To Participate In The Events!  Thank You To MrShyGuy For Allowing Us To Feature These Events At Stampede Canyon For Wigs For Kids! There Is Still Time To Get Your Bandana At The Hair Fair!  Hair Fair 2010 Ends Tonight, Sunday, September 19, 2010.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where Have All The People Gone

As I went to my DJ job last night at the beautiful Cafe Casablanca in Second Life last night .... I waited, I hoped, I looked, I searched and I wondered, WHERE HAVE ALL THE PEOPLE GONE??

For the past year now, yes it's been a lil over a year that I started to DJ in second life.  I'm shy and yes my first words that night I was told try it were, "but there are people here!"  But, I love music and wanted to add to the fun and share with others.  This was at Stampede Canyon Country where I still DJ and now Sing.

I've watched and wondered as time has gone on, is my music old?  am I missing something? are we not doing it right?  I love music so I don't mind playing for myself and the host or owners, however the guilty feeling creeps in that you are being paid to do something for 'no one.'

Last night, Big Band night and only the 2nd week of this event, I hoped there would be more people there to join in the fun and support the Cafe Casablanca.  It wasn't just me though, in another club across SL space, my friend was DJ'in the same time and it was only DJ and Host.

I'd blame it on the 1st week of school, but we've been blaming it on the summer, so it would just be trading one for another.  I'm wondering is this happening everywhere, if not ..... what's the fix to get people back involved again?

Y'all be sure to drop in a club this weekend and support the venue, they're there to help make SL a Great Place for Everyone!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The End For Emerald

I used emerald for a while a few months ago before changing to the RLV *winx.*  I must say I didn't see any of the promoted things happening with and it was very laggy.  But still I hope this doesn't mean that LL is going to take over the market on viewers because SL viewer 2 stinks!

Farewell Emerald

The End

This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend, the end
It hurts to set you free
But you’ll never follow me
The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of night we tried to die
This is the end

United we stand and divided we fall. Thus ends the final days of the Emerald Project.

Approximately 10 days ago I and a number of devs came together to reform the Emerald Team in the anxious hope of continuing the most popular TPV in Second Life. The incredible driving passion, flair for innovation, endless energy and camaraderie were all still there. Because of this, I was sure we could make this work.

Alas this was not to be. Linden Lab has made demands of the team that are impossible to meet. Among the demands not listed publicly elsewhere was to publicly release an RC without any ability to load the emkdu or llkdu files. This was do-able. The final demand was to ‘delete’ 3 key members of our team. While making this demand, Linden Lab was quite aware that this was effectively the guillotine to the project.

This is the opportunity for a fork project to develop and create a TPV version of snowstorm, which is what Linden Lab really wants. I am aware of a number of small projects underway now, and I wish them the best, the very best in their endeavors.

For you, the user, what this means is that there will not be any further releases of the Emerald Viewer after today. The existing releases will continue to operate until Linden Lab decides to terminate their access and end Emerald once and for all.

There will be one final version of the Emerald Viewer released here later today; that is, the viewer we’ve been working on for the past six months. It would be a shame to let the efforts of the developers who put so many unpaid hours into this project go to waste.

This virtual world is ever changing and must be, otherwise it will stagnate. This incredible environment will continue.

Arabella Steadham
Communications Manager,
Emerald Project