Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween for Think Pink Week 2011

So we come to the Finale for Think Pink Week 2011 A Very Special Halloween Night!  With The Sweet Escape setup for Breast Cancer Awareness and Halloween ...... we turned the stage around and danced facing the special Haunted House ROH Master Builder, Broody Flow made.  A special night indeed as we had 3 DJ's spin for 6 hours combined to Celebrate & Mystify and Ensure that those Gathered Remembered to Donate & Spread The Message To Fight Back Against Cancer!

Spinnin the tunes for our first set 3-5pm was your friendly neighborhood non-runaround DJ Suzie (me).  With a lot of Halloween tunes in the mix from "Monster Mash," "Grim Grinnin Ghosts," "Devil Woman" and more.  I also tossed in some fun wacky favorites including "They're Coming To Take Me Away."  A special dedication to my partner in crime ..... Broody or Clyde to my Bonnie that night of "Bare Necessities!"  Keeping the theme of Wicked In Pink it was Great To See All ages come out to show support for Breast Cancer, including little Wisteria and The Pink Costumes like Lorra as "I dream of jeannie," Broody in his Pink Shirt and Shy still Supporting Boobs all in Pink :)   Finishing up with a special request and dedication from Hybiscus a song by Martina McBride, "I'm Gonna Love You Through It."  Thank You all for being Wicked In Pink !!
Lorra dancing in her pink I dream of jeannie costume
Wisteria dances to the Monster Mash

Next came a Very Special Event!  MrShyGuy Schmooz returns to SL and DJ's for "A Spooky Sock Hop!"
Shy's been here all week, showing support and chatting people up and encouraging the donations big and small as "every linden counts!"  He was part of the force behind the 1st Think Pink Week and after a long absence I found it Absolutely Fantastic he choose to return to SL for the 3rd Think Pink Week.  Shy's no stranger to the battle against cancer, he helped take care of his mom who sadly lost her battle with bladder cancer in April.  Wanting to get back into SL to play music again and help in the Fight Against Cancer, Shy's become the Team Greeter for Rays Of Hope so keep an eye out for him to knock on your IM !   5-7pm on Halloween Rocked on with Oldies and some really Fun Tunes!  Staying True To A Style All His Own, Shy played a great set of tunes from The Everly Brothers, Annette Funicello and Yes ...... Alvin & The Chipmunks!  Nothin like hearing the Chipettes sing "Leader of the Pack" and "Put A Ring On It!"
Welcome Back Shy & Thank You For A "Spooky Pink Sock Hop" To Remember!

Kay looks totally Ghostly
Bonnie & Clyde dance the night away

Our Last event for Think Pink Week 2011 was my "Big Brudder" DJ Gai Thor 7-9pm.  Yes, the same fella that went bald with me in July to Honor All The Cancer Patients That Have No Choice, and yes, he even let us "hot wax" all the hair from his AV.  I wonder if he caught the meaning giving him a "HOWL - o - ween" event , because I'd love to see him let us get his Wolf AV hairless for Relay 2012!  Gai pulled out all the stops with the tunes and played some Fantastic music!  With a little bit of, "Damn It Janet," "Sweet Transvestite" and "The Time Warp" he had us dancing to one of the best Halloween Cult Classics ....... The Rocky Horror Picture Show!  Bringing in several of his friends to introduce to Rays of Hope and that Real Men & Women Wear Pink, he gave a final push to get the kiosks higher and higher and reminded everyone to please get checked for Breast Cancer, Both Women AND Men!  Thank You Gai !

The Sweet Escape during Think Pink Halloween

As the clock struck Midnight on the East Coast and 9pm in SL ........ The 3rd Annual Think Pink Week For Breast Cancer Was A Wrap!  The special events on Halloween were a ton of fun and filled with emotional stories, memories, laughter, donations and Of Course ~~ PINK !  Thank You DJ Shy & DJ Gai for spinning the tunes!!

Pictures and a Wrapup Recap Blog coming soon !  In The Meantime ...... 
The Fight Against Cancer Never Ends Soooooo Keep Thinkin Pink , Yellow , Purple , Orange , Teal , Gold , White and all the other Colors of the Ribbons !  xoxo

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