Thursday, November 3, 2011

Saturday At Think Pink Week, Oct. 29th

The weekend for has finally arrived and to try and open up to as many people in second life to come show their support for Breast Cancer we had the performances start earlier in the day.  Though where I live in RL the snow was falling and so were trees and power lines for many :(   In SL the music was upbeat and moving people to dance and donate to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Starting off our day was DJ USmale BigBear at 11am.  I'm sorry I neglected to get a picture of him as he mixed the tunes for us.  A great mix of country songs filled the airs at the Sweet Escape and those present kept the donations flowing.  Having watched many of his family and friends battle against Cancer, USmale goes out of his way to help the Fight Against Cancer.  He played his moving recording of "Why He Relays," that was a part of the Relay for Life in SL.  I've not heard this particular song before, but I will not forget it either and I Thank USmale for playing it today and encourage everyone to listen to it.  Rascal Flatts, "I Won't Let Go" part of the lyrics are ..... 'I will fight your fight, I will hold you tight, and I won't let you go, no I won't let go.'   Thank You USmale BigBear !

With Halloween so close a lot of those present today were dressed in costume :)  including our 12pm performer, Josie Anderton!  Josie has assisted Rays of Hope before, performing at MusicFest for the Relay For Life this year.  Singing a Wonderful set of upbeat dancing tunes in her Zombie costume Josie sparkled on stage.  Even a sore throat and cold didn't stop her from singing and Dedicating For Everyone Touched By Cancer the song, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."  She finished off her set with a song to get everyone movin and groovin (a personal favorite too), "Twist And Shout!"  Thank You Josie :)

Josie ready for Halloween & Singing from the Heart

On stage for everyone next was Chapman Zane at 12pm.  Chap played for us on his guitar with his smooth vocals giving us what he calls "a mellow concocation of acoustic music." Singing some Gordon Lightfoot and a Wonderful version of "Would You Like to Swing On A Star," he had everyone smiling and singing along.  I've not heard the following song before and thanks for introducing it to me, "Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian," by John Prine...... still giggling   Chapman has helped the Rays of Hope at previous events, sharing his music to help at our other Think Pink Weeks and Relay For Life in SL.   Thank You Again For Your Support Chapman!

Chapman sings "Would You Like To Swing On A Star"

Also all set for Halloween :) was our last performer for Saturday, Pmann Sands!  Playing both acoustic and electric guitars he had us rocking Think Pink Week.  Singing a lot of original songs with his own backing tracks from his 'studio band'.  Pmann was playing with other great musicians like , Doug Coleman, Adam Jake and Jamie Bowers it was Amazing!!  Like so many others, he's been touched by cancer, including someone close to him with Breast Cancer.  Urging everyone to give what they can and to spread the word because, "We Need To Stop Cancer," and that we can do so many other things such as flying jets at incredible speeds that we need to focus on a cure!  A Wonderful way to finish our Think Pink Week Saturday with Pmann Sands music and emotion!  Thank You Pmann !!

Pmann all set for Halloween & spreading the message to Find A Cure!

Saturday was a day of emotion, stories of how cancer has touched the lives of those in the audience and the musicians.  Saturday was also a day of Wonderful Music!  Once again, please be sure to catch DJ USmale BigBear, Josie Anderton, Chapman Zane and Pmann Sands at their shows!  Thank You All Very Much!

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