Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank You!

Rays of Hope's 3rd Annual Think Pink Week for Breast Cancer was held Monday, October 24th through Monday, October 31st!  It was an AMAZING week filled with Fantastic Performances, Great People , Music, Dancing, RL interruptions, SL games and Raising Funds For Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

When the final music note was played on Halloween Night we had 23 performers grace the stage of The Sweet Escape for 28 hours and we raised 85,000L ...... $344 u.s. dollars.  We also spread the word of Cancer Awareness to so many more people, lots of stories and memories were shared, Cancer Survivors from All types of cancer came to help out and inspire everyone.

The Sweet Escape for Think Pink Week
The simple phrase, Thank You, is often overlooked and forgotten to be said by many.  To me this phrase never says enough, those of you who know me are aware of the heartfelt emotion, the sentimental and melancholy type person I am and I wish I could give real hugs to everyone that came to Think Pink Week and helped.

Thank You for sharing your talents and performing for us, Thank You for using your voices on mic to share your stories, encouragement, and informing everyone to be checked for Breast Cancer.  You are all Awesome and those of you reading this ......
share with your friends and check them out !
Bill Tigerpaw,  NormReynolds Genesis,  Premium Composer,  Bones Writer,  KarebearLovin,  Lance Windlow,  Melodee McDonnell,  Torben Asp,  Eli Megadon,  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky,  Josie Anderton,  Chapman Zane,  Pmann Sands,
Jana Kyomoon,  Mila Avedon,  Mica Breen, Bo Hoyes,  DJ Doug Xstar,  DJ Walker Cobalt,  DJ USmale BigBear,  DJ MrShyGuy Schmooz  and DJ Gai Thor !!

I would be remiss if I did not also thank the following individuals for all they did to help make this week happen and be successful ....
Tina Hosting Think Pink

Kay's FAB in Pink
  ** Tina,  Sis, thank you for being here  and helping host and spread the word!

 ** Kay, you look FAB in PINK, thank you for Showing Team ROH Spirit !

** Tusie, Thank You for your Save The TaTas & Save Second Base Shirts! I love that top!  
                                                       Y'all be sure to check out Tusie-Cat Designs

Shy Supportin The Boobies
Tusie, Save The TaTas !

** MrShyGuy, Welcome Back!  Thanks for being at all the events & you always give new meaning to the phrase, "Real Men Wear Pink!"

Even Shy's Shoes Were Pink :)

** Broody, what can I say when Thank You can never be enough for all you did.  The Sweet Escape wouldn't have been without your Wonderful Building talents,  Think Pink Week wouldn't have most of the performers without your outgoing personality to ask everyone.  Pink looks good on you too :)  Love You xo

Broody looking good in Pink xo
Dancin in Pink at The Sweet Escape

I've only posted few specific pictures in my blog posts.  All the rest will be on our Facebook Page for Rays of Hope!  We're also making a video that will be up on YouTube.

Sabrina takes a rest with the Pink pumpkins

Mom shakin her pixels to the music

At a loss for what else to say to wrap things up, I find myself thinking of George M. Cohan and what he used to say at the end of his performances ....... "my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you."

To Everyone, Each And Every One That Came Out To Show Support For "Think Pink Week,"  To Celebrate & Remember With Us, That Donated Any Amount, Who Spread The Word For Cancer Awareness, That Helped The American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer ......
I Thank You personally , and I Thank You on behalf of Team Rays of Hope!

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